Planted Garlic For The First Time

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I was at our local feed store and saw that they were selling garlic for seed to plant this fall. I had it on my list as one of the things I would like to try to grow and it was $12 per pound but when I weighed 5 globes it only weighed 1/2 a pound! so I bought 3 different kinds; Spanish Roja, Italian Early and Silver Rose.

Check out the size differences of the cloves!




Spanish Roja Garlic


Italian Early Garlic


Silver Rose Garlic

First, the spot that I wanted to put it had to be prepped. It used to be some sort of garden spot years ago but had been neglected. Grass had spread in and what wasn’t grass was dead weeds or bare sandy soil. I dug out the grass and weeds from a 5′ x 10′ area and loosened the soil with the shovel. Then I covered the whole thing with 4″ of year old, composted horse manure and worked it in with my shovel.

After I raked it level I dug rows about 3″ deep and 12″ apart. One of the hardest parts of the whole process was peeling each individual clove! When placing them in the row you have to make sure that you plant them right end up. They should sit in the row with the same point up as when they are attached in the globe. Makes sense, right? I kept them about 6″ apart in the rows except for a few cloves that were “runts”, but deserved a chance to feed me!

I ended up with about 4 dozen individual cloves planted. We will see how they turn out. Since they were so easy I wish I would have done more. As I was working I was thinking about all of the things that I could do with garlic. Cooking obviously, powder, dehydrated, pickled, added to lots of canned foods for flavor… endless.

Have you ever grown garlic? Do you think I planted it correctly? How hard is it to store and how long does it last? Do you have any more ideas or recipes to share? I look forward to your comments below!


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